Papers are invited for the SibDATA-2022 on topics lying within the scope of the workshop. All contributions must be of high quality, original, and must not have been previously published elsewhere or intended for publication elsewhere.

All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by the Programme Committee in terms of the following evaluation criteria: description of the background and related work; originality, novelty and significance of results; structure and presentation; insight and depth of conclusions and overall impression. 

Submission of the paper should be regarded as an undertaking that should the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors should register and present orally the paper in the workshop.

Accepted papers will appear in the Workshop Proceedings (in Russian) and be indexed in Russian Science Citation Index. Selected papers will be published in journal from the VAK list.

No more than two papers of same author can be submitted to publish.

Requirements for paper preparation to be published in Workshop Proceedings (in Russian)

The paper should be in Russian.
The length of the paper is limited to 7 pages of typewritten text on one side of a white sheet of A4 paper with margins on all sides of at least 2 cm with 1.5 line spacing, using Microsoft Word text editor (any version) with Times New Roman font size 12 pt.  

The paper should be presented in the following order:

  • Title of the paper, capitalized, centered, in bold.
  • The name (as initials) and surname of the authors, centered, in bold.
  • Affiliation (if more than one, then the list of all relevant organizations with footnotes following the names of the authors; in the case of matching jobs, authors need to specify it).
  • The main text of the paper, which provides purposes and tasks of research, the solution to the problem with the description of methods, results, and conclusions including discussion of disputed issues, the importance of theoretical provisions, their role in the previous studies, opportunities of practical applications. The presented statements may be accompanied by formulas, figures, and tables.
  • Reference list (font size 11 pt).

In the text, formulas should be typed clearly in compliance with the spelling differences in uppercase and lowercase letters, and the letters that are similar in shape, using Microsoft Equation. The numbering of formulae should be cross-cutting and given in the order of their appearance.

Figures and tables must be qualitative, be involved in the text, and sequentially numbered in order of appearance in the text.

The reference list should be sequentially numbered in order of appearance in the text and contain the following data: surname and initials of the author, title, journal name, the collection (if it is not a book), the city of publication, and the full name of the publisher (for monographs), the year of publication, volume number and page numbers. In the text, references should be given in square brackets.

Information on the authors should be presented on a separate page and contains surname, name and middle name (completely), degree, position, the full and short name of the organization, contact information: phone, e-mail, mobile phone of the responsible author.

Paper must be sent to email

Deadline for paper submission is May 13, 2022.